The events of 9/11 have produced several stories about heroes who emerged on that day. In the midwest, two men, one an American and the other an ex-Patriot of Saudi Arabia, had no clue that the deaths of their loved ones from that treachery would years later intertwine their lives on a horse track in Kentucky.  


All Dr. Rob Becker wanted was to fulfill a dream he and some college friends had to create another "Secretariat". His friends included a geneticist, a horse trainer and a large animal vet - who together provided the ingredients to fulfill this dream.


Admad (Ben) Slaughter, lost his identical twin brother, Omid, for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Omid, who was with a group of Saudis buying thoroughbreds in Kentucky on 9/11, had overheard a chilling conversation and was murdered because of what he discovered.


From that day forward, Rob's tribute horse, Towers Above, and a Saudi horse, Nidalas, were destined to do battle on a Kentucky horse track just as Ben was excuting his revenge plan in two Midwestern states.  




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